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Launching a New Website

Launching a New Website

Michael Walsh
April 19, 2021

Midgard is re-launching its website.  

Our hope and expectations are for the website to grow into an avenue to better interact with our clients, new and old.  And to learn, while having a bit of fun doing so.

To this end, we aim to post blogs, white papers and other media of a quality and standard that we, ourselves, would want to read or watch.

While staying true to Midgard core values - pragmatism and balanced risk taking - the website’s resources section will develop content focused on:

  1. Utility Regulation (and the Utility of the Future)
  2. Electrical Interconnection
  3. Project Development and Decision Support
  4. Energy Miscellanea and Economic Sundries

What do we want our readers to come away thinking after visiting our pieces?

  • The information was
    – Succinct and clear
    – To the point
    – Insightful and informative
    – Engaging
  • Time well spent
  • I wonder what Midgard thinks about idea XYZ?
    – I will reach out to Midgard and ask them to post on idea XYZ
  • I wonder what Midgard thinks about problem ABC?
    – I will reach out to Midgard and ask them to contact me about problem ABC
  • I will return to this site
  • I look forward to reading about XYZ

We, of course, invite your feedback.  

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