Renewable Energy

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Renewable Energy

Midgard has developed, operated, audited and conducted transaction due diligence for a broad range of hydro, wind and solar renewable energy projects in Canada, the United States and internationally (Europe, Africa and ASEAN).


  • PPA Policy


  • Price forecasting and revenue modeling (energy markets & arbitrage, capacity/ancillary services markets)


  • Project pre-feasibility and feasibility studies and design
  • Run-of-river hydroelectric facility design
  • Hydroelectric storage facilities (including lake tap projects, pumped storage projects)
  • Low-head hydro / hydrokinetic facilities
  • Owner’s engineer and independent engineer for lending institutions


  • Negotiations
  • Permitting and development
  • Financial analysis & business case development

Our Project Experience

Review a range of case studies of actual projects completed by Midgard Consulting.
Project Experience