Project Experience

Capital Budget Guideline Review


Jan 2020 – Oct 2020


Newfoundland & Labrador PUB

Midgard was retained by the Newfoundland and Labrador Board of Commissioners of Public Utilities (“NLPUB”) as an expert consultant to perform a review of the NLPUB’s existing Capital Budget Application Guidelines (“Guidelines”). Under its mandate, Midgard performed the following services:

  1. Review of existing Guidelines and other relevant documentation;
  2. Consulted with stakeholders to determine issues and areas of concern;
  3. Completed a jurisdictional scan of 8 Canadian jurisdictions to identify prevailing regulatory processes and best practices implemented by provincial regulatory Boards across Canada;
  4. Compared existing Guidelines with industry/regulatory best practices;
  5. Presented findings to stakeholders and responded to inquiries;
  6. Provided an expert report to the Board including revised Guidelines incorporating review findings and industry/regulatory best practices.