Project Experience

Pembina Prince Rupert Terminal


Aug 2018 - Nov 2019


Rangeland Engineering for Pembina Pipelines

Prince Rupert Terminal (PRT) is a Pembina Pipelines project that will receive propane by rail, provide storage and then marine load onto ocean-going vessels.

This brownfield site had electrical service from a 69 kV transmission line, but the substation was beyond repair. Midgard pulled together and coordinated a team to provide power to PRT via a new substation and express distribution feeder threaded through an industrial complex. Activities included substation layout and location, line routing and design, managing interface issues among the plant design team, geotechnical investigations, station and line contractors, BC Hydro and the City of Prince Rupert. Work products included construction packages, design adjustment memos during construction, BC Hydro commissioning documentation package and schedule, operating orders for Pembina and joint operating order with BC Hydro, Pembina and Prince Rupert.

The facilities comprising the BC Hydro connection have been constructed, commissioned and energized and Pembina Pipelines is exploring options for expansion.