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Highway 37 – Nisga’a Fibre-optic Connection Project

Nisga’a Lisims Government
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Midgard was contracted to provide technical advisory and project management services to Lisims Communications, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Nisga’a Lisims Government, for a Nisga’a Fibre Project. The Nisga’a Fibre Project was a venture to improve high-speed telecommunications infrastructure in Nisga’a Lands.

Midgard was contracted to deliver a fibre optic network from Terrace, BC to Nisga’a Lands, a distance of over 100 km. Services provided include permitting and right-of-way acquisition, detailed engineering design, installation and telecommunication contractor selection, and material procurement.

Pre-feasibility Study for Alternative Electricity Generation Projects

City of Penticton
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As part of its long term planning program and goal of reducing its dependence on externally supplied electricity (and associated market pricing risks), the City of Penticton contract a survey of potential hydroelectric and thermal resources. The study evaluated eight (8) potential hydroelectric sites and the use of natural gas and biomass to fuel a thermal generation site. The evaluation included an assessment of the technical viability, economic viability, environmental impacts and social impacts of each potential project. Scope of services include:

  • Midgard produced technical document summarizing the technical viability, economic feasibility, environmental impacts and social impacts of the different hydroelectric and thermal generation options.
  • Development risks and challenges were also identified along with a development plan for potentially feasible generation assets.

Hunter Creek Interconnection

WindRiver Power Corporation
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Hunter Creek Hydro is a 12 MW run-of-river hydroelectric project close to Hope, BC that started operation in early 2018. Based on previous experience with the team, WindRiver Power integrated Midgard into the project team to handle all aspects related to interconnection with BC Hydro during project development & design through construction and ongoing operational support. This began with an assessment of the cost estimate from the System Impact Study, identify opportunities to reduce cost, identify risks to the schedule and mitigation strategies to maintain and potentially advance the schedule.

Midgard resolved technical and process issues by working with multiple parties to resolve each issue and advance the project schedule including: BC Hydro (five separate departments); Telus; Telus contractors; plant design team; plant construction contractor and equipment vendors.

Midgard activities have focused on forecasting and solving process and interconnection technical issues including:

  • decision on point-of-interconnection (transmission voltage vs. distribution voltage) and the attendant schedule risk balanced against potential cost savings;
  • coordinating technical data exchange to support completion of the BC Hydro study process and facility definition;
  • BC Hydro operating order;
  • protection and telecom commissioning;
  • microwave and fibre commissioning and operational support.

Ocean Falls – BCUC COS & Rate Setting Application

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Midgard was retained by Boralex Inc. to prepare an Ocean Falls Hydro cost of service revenue requirement application for filing with the BC Utilities Commission. The application is underpinned by a comprehensive model of the capital and operating costs associated with the generation and distribution systems comprising Boralex’s Ocean Falls utility, which was jointly developed by Midgard and Boralex.

The cost of service revenue requirement application was filed with the BC Utilities Commission in September 2019 and the associated regulatory proceeding concluded in early 2021.

Prior to the rate application, Midgard was retained by Boralex Inc. to Develop a comprehensive operations and maintenance budget to ensure that the Ocean Falls facility can continue to operate safely and reliably for several more decades.

Big Chino Valley Pumped Storage Hydro – Project Management & Owner's Engineer

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Big Chino Valley is a 2000 MW pumped storage hydro project in Arizona with a system interconnection consisting of three 500 kV transmission lines.

Midgard planned and established a multidisciplinary project-team structure in order to enable smaller dedicated specialist teams focus on their specific areas of expertise to advance this large and complex development while supporting supporting permitting efforts at FERC and Arizona state levels, as well as directing water analysis and helping devise communication strategy and participation in public open houses.

Midgard and the Owner’s project sponsor acted in close coordination to manage the mandates and integration of the multidisciplinary teams into the overall project.

Midgard’s broad knowledge in civil, geotechnical and electrical engineering was combined with project management discipline and a foundation in project finance to establish the effective project structure and plan work in a way that advanced the development in a strategic and fiscally responsible manner.

Pembina Prince Rupert Terminal

Rangeland Engineering for Pembina Pipelines
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Prince Rupert Terminal (PRT) is a Pembina Pipelines project that will receive propane by rail, provide storage and then marine load onto ocean-going vessels.

This brownfield site had electrical service from a 69 kV transmission line, but the substation was beyond repair. Midgard pulled together and coordinated a team to provide power to PRT via a new substation and express distribution feeder threaded through an industrial complex. Activities included substation layout and location, line routing and design, managing interface issues among the plant design team, geotechnical investigations, station and line contractors, BC Hydro and the City of Prince Rupert. Work products included construction packages, design adjustment memos during construction, BC Hydro commissioning documentation package and schedule, operating orders for Pembina and joint operating order with BC Hydro, Pembina and Prince Rupert.

The facilities comprising the BC Hydro connection have been constructed, commissioned and energized and Pembina Pipelines is exploring options for expansion.

Capital Budget Guideline Review

Newfoundland & Labrador PUB
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Midgard was retained by the Newfoundland and Labrador Board of Commissioners of Public Utilities (“NLPUB”) as an expert consultant to perform a review of the NLPUB’s existing Capital Budget Application Guidelines (“Guidelines”). Under its mandate, Midgard performed the following services:

  1. Review of existing Guidelines and other relevant documentation;
  2. Consulted with stakeholders to determine issues and areas of concern;
  3. Completed a jurisdictional scan of 8 Canadian jurisdictions to identify prevailing regulatory processes and best practices implemented by provincial regulatory Boards across Canada;
  4. Compared existing Guidelines with industry/regulatory best practices;
  5. Presented findings to stakeholders and responded to inquiries;
  6. Provided an expert report to the Board including revised Guidelines incorporating review findings and industry/regulatory best practices.